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The main products of Laizhou Stone Material Company are slate tile, marble, granite, sandstone and other stone materials. There are imported cutting machines with smooth incision and exquisite workmanship.

Slate Tiles information

Natural Flagstone tile, also known as shale tile, green Flagstone tile, is a popular term of natural flagstone roof tile. Because of the backward processing industry, for hundreds of years, European and American countries have been widely used in roof construction after deep processing of Flagstone tile.

Characteristics Of Slate Tiles

1、The material of the stone plate is not the stone plate but the natural slate (also known as the slate). The slate is a kind of natural stone, like marble, granite, sandstone and so on. Its biggest characteristic is that it has natural cleavage and can be split by hand or mechanically, so the surface of the building plate and stone product has not been mechanically grafted. The surface features of the ancient and natural nature.

2、Due to the difference of material properties and metamorphism, some of the high quality materials in the slate can be processed into roofing tiles. These slates are often called tile slates, and the slate can not be made of tiles into decorative panels, which are used as decoration of wall and ground.

3、  It is necessary to know the characteristics of high quality slate: good splitting performance, good evenness, small color difference, high blackness (other color empathy), high bending strength, low calcium and iron sulphur content, low loss of burning loss, good acid and alkali resistance, low water absorption and good weatherability.

Advantages of slate tiles:

1)Design: According to customers drawing or photos or as usual or by our design and R&D department.

2)Advantages: Own factory, Own Quarry and R&D department, Own marketing team. Competitive are the quality & price of our excellent products.

3)Service: Offer Top quality, Competitive price, Excellent service.

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