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Laizhou Jinshi Stone Material Co., Ltd. The main products are granite, slate slate, washbasin, mesa and other products. Factory direct sale, high quality and low price

Slate Flagstone Information

The flagstones, both indoor and outdoor, provide a rich variety of designs and colors on their unique surfaces, all of which are natural. The distinction between brick and brick makes the bathroom unique. This will add to the aesthetic feel of slate bricks, because they give a different feeling, other floor tiles can not be done, even if the same natural stone brick. It is green and beautiful, and is loved by young people.

  The multicolor slate is mined from our own quarries in Lai Chau province where the stone is well-known for their beautiful original color, hardness and durability. It is used for both exterior and interior decoration. The stone is diverse in types, abundant in size and color which meet international standards on quality with high gloss and durability and are trusted in many construction projects as well as exported to the markets as Europe, Asia, Australia and others. We always have high volume of stocks which ensure timely supply for large-scale works and meet diverse needs of customers for each type of architecture and different tastes.

Product Information Of Slate Flagstone:


Place of Origin:Shandong, China (Mainland)

Brand Name:Laizhou kingstong

Color:Grey, Grey

Surface Finishing:Split, Split

Slate Erosion Resistance:Non-Antacid

Stone Form:Board and Tile

Stone Name:Natural Slate

Name:slate net paste/mesh slate stone



Natural Stone Type:Mesh Slate Stone


Thickness:16mm or cutomized

Delivery Time:15Days

Item Name:Slate flagstone

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Xiaqiu town, Laizhou, Yantai city, Shandong Province, China

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