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Our company's slate bricks is durable and often used in gardens, floors, kitchens and bathrooms. slate bricks is often used as ceiling material. slate bricks is beautiful, environmentally friendly and non skid. The skid resistance of slate bricks makes it an ideal choice for bathroom and outdoor.

The Characteristics Of Slate Bricks

Slate bricks veneers are more affordable and practical than natural stone products. Slate bricks are lighter in weight and require less cutting and shaping than natural products need. These high quality and durable cultured stone materials are produced in a wide range of stone styles, textures, and colors to match any preference. Reductions in freight costs, handling, waste, and the labor required to apply add up a significant reduction in cost compared to natural stone products. Slate bricks veneer products are resistant to rain, wind, snow, and cold weather. The materials require very little maintenance compared to wood siding, are easily more durable, and the colors will not fade.

The Advantages Of Slate Bricks:

  Slate bricks has several practical advantages. It’s a lighter weight material then natural stone, which means there isn’t extra support needed to the foundation or even the lateral walls. With a good house wrap as a moisture barrier, some wire lathe attached firmly to the sheathing, a good exterior thinset and presto: cultured stone can be applied. With the back of cultured stone being so flat, and the texture from the manufacturing so conducive to mortar adhesion, it’s far easier to encase a home in stone than what was available just a few years ago. 

  Slate bricks is light and self-supporting. Slate bricks is resistant to the dramatic weather changes of the southwest. The mineral, oxide colors used are permanent, and impervious to sun, snow, wind and rain. Cultured stone has none of the maintenance associated with building materials like wood or cement board siding.

Our Advantages

As a manufacturer, we have good relationship with many quarry owners in China and abroad who can sell blocks to us at the most competitive price. And we have priority to select the best quality blocks in the quarry directly because of our stable and big demand of blocks. In this case, our price and quality of finished products can satisfy our clients well.

As a manufacturer, we have strong mind about quality control. We own skilled engineers who are in charge of making inspection piece by piece during the production phase according to our rigorous QC management system. Thanks to their responsible work, our complaint rate has been controlled well all the time.

 As exporters, our team has the excellent ability to procure suitable manufacturers for different orders according to customer needs. In order to reduce our customers'purchasing costs, we have developed many qualified factories located in the origin of raw materials, which are much lower in raw materials and transportation costs due to their proximity to quarries. We have to say that some design and construction companies have chosen to work with us because we are always able to recommend and submit samples of suitable new materials, as well as detailed reports on usability and suitability for proposed use.

Laizhou Stone Company, engaged in slate bricks, has been for several years, our variety is complete, variety, quality assurance, environmental protection and safety, please rest assured friends to buy.

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