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Laizhou Goldenstone Co.,ltd located in North China's biggest stone basement Laizhou, as a leading manufacturer and exporter of all kinds of natural stone, has one marble quarry and own factory.
Equipped with advanced processing facilities, professional wokers and experienced quality inspectors, we have implemented comprehensive manageement abd quality control systerms to meet both industrial sandards and clients' expectations.

  • 1) Slate stone is mainly used in the construction industry. Slate material is superior to general artificial covering materials, moisture-proof, wind-resistant and heat-insulating. Slate roofing tile can last for hundreds of years.

  • 2) Over the years, many facts have proven that natural stone has become one of the most popular flooring materials. They have some potential properties and are ideal for bathroom floor materials. Slate, as a natural stone, has its inherent characteristics that make it an ideal bathroom flooring material.

  • 3) Its unique surface offers a rich variety of designs and colors, all of which are natural. Bricks and bricks are different, which makes the bathroom unique. However, different colors and designs do not lead to uncoordinated patterns. In fact, this will only increase the beauty of slate bricks, because they give people a different feeling, which is not possible with other floor tiles, even if they are also natural stone bricks.

  • 4) Another important advantage of slate bricks as an ideal material for bathrooms is that they are very wear resistant. This is why many people recommend installing slate floors in high-flow areas.

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